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Third-Party Security Consulting Services

Aganna Legal also provides third-party security consulting services. The network is equipped to offer intelligence, manage security contracts, and provide protection, enabling partners and clients to navigate the complexities of security in today's volatile world.


Aganna's third-party consulting services also include verification of the client's cybersecurity measures. This independent verification provides an extra level of assurance that the organization's systems are secure and helps build trust with stakeholders.  

  By leveraging Aganna's third-party consulting services, organizations can effectively secure their digital infrastructure, protect sensitive information, and build a resilient cybersecurity framework that can withstand the evolving cyber threat landscape.

Education and Training

One of the most effective ways to mitigate cybersecurity risks is through education and training. Aganna's consultants provide training to organizations, helping them understand the importance of cybersecurity, the potential threats they face, and the best practices for maintaining a secure digital environment. This training can be invaluable in fostering a security-conscious culture within the organization.


The implementation of third-party contracts is a critical aspect of security and intelligence management. These contracts can serve to augment an organization's capabilities by outsourcing certain functions to external specialists. Aganna Group, with its wide-ranging expertise, can manage these third-party contracts, ensuring that they serve the organization's interests effectively. Whether it's procuring private military services, engaging private intelligence organizations, or managing partnerships with think tanks, Aganna has the experience and network to deliver optimal results.

Security Management

We are a group of security specialists focused on providing advice, consulting and protection of assets and people in digital mode and physical assets.

As a security consulting firm we organize and coordinate along side with private military and security companies to help clients meet their security goals and concerns. 

In the digital age, cybersecurity has become a crucial component of any business operation. With an increasing number of sophisticated cyber threats emerging each day, organizations require robust cybersecurity strategies to protect their critical information and systems. Recognizing this pressing need, Aganna Cybersecurity provides comprehensive third-party consulting services to organizations seeking to enhance their digital security posture.
Core Security
Private Military Companies Coordination Operations Management.
Strategic security for companies and special energy, hydraulic and office facilities.
Security Trainings
We have online and face-to-face training in industrial and personal safety consulting.
Security is essential, we have consulting services in facilities, monitoring, personnel and information technology.