We are a legal firm under the Aganna brand focused on business development. Join our brand and learn about our services.

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Legal Associates

We are a group of legal professionals dedicated to providing legal and contract services for International companies under the Aganna brand, a member of the Valqus Brands.
Legal Practice
Aganna is a firm focused primarily on business and legal consulting.
Intellectual Property
We manage intellectual property services for companies and entrepreneurs.
SMEs Focus
Our brand is focused on the development of contracts, licenses and legal representation.
We have brand management services in collaboration with Valqus Brands for the development of brand licenses and franchises.

Business Development

Industrial Development

Our focus is to assist industrial companies to expand, nearshoring or offshoring manufacturing. 

Energy & 
Storage Plants

We manage partnerships in the Energy Industry focused on Powerplants, LNG, LPG, Hydrogen and Ammonia. 

Commercial & Hospitality

We advice companies to merge, acquire or develop business complying with the country property rights.